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Dib woke up and looked at the clock. 7:00 a.m. Skool started in an hour. He groaned and sat up in bed. He really didn't want to get up, but since he felt still a little sore, he needed to stretch a bit.

He looked down at his messy clothes and stretched as hard as he could. He winced and started to remove the bandages from yesterday. He looked pretty normal besides the complete mess of deep scars that covered most of his chest. Nothing was bruised too badly, and no pierced skin.

He got out of bed and walked towards the bathroom to clean up. He replaced the band-aid on his chin since it had bled through, but it looked pretty clean. It wasn't that noticeable and red and it had stopped bleeding so he left the band-aid off. Once he was done he changed his clothes and went down stairs to get breakfast.

Gaz was sitting at the table just finishing her cereal when he came down. She looked at him and growled.
"Your face just took away my appetite." She said and put her dish away before heading out the door to walk to Skool alone, like she normally did. Dib skipped breakfast like he usually did and headed out the door.

He started heading for Skool. He sighed, nobody ever even walked into the classroom before the late bell rang, not even the teacher.
chapter 5 of King
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